Why Refresh Rates Matter: From 30Hz to 540Hz

Are higher refresh rates better for gaming? Yes, they are. In this article we’ll explain why refresh rates often labeled as “overkill,” “unnecessary,” or “diminishing returns” might actually offer more improvement than you might think. If you’re interested in learning about the difference in motion clarity between 30Hz, 60Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz, and even 540Hz, you’re … Đọc tiếp

TechSpot PC Buying Guide: Holidays 2023

How has the PC market evolved in the past six months? For gamers and mainstream users, not much has happened: Intel’s 14th-gen Core CPUs hardly deserve to be called a new generation. The mainstream graphics segment has seen one disappointment after another, with cards that are barely faster than their years-old predecessors. SSD and memory … Đọc tiếp

Best CPU Deals, AMD vs Intel: Holiday CPU Buying Guide

Earlier this week, we looked at GPU pricing and the market to see what sort of prices would truly constitute a Black Friday sale. Today, we’re back to do the same, but this time for the the CPU market, and give our advice on the kind of deals you can expect during the holiday shopping … Đọc tiếp

Black Friday GPU Buying Guide: November GPU Pricing Update

There’s a lot to discuss in this month’s GPU pricing update with some updates regarding Nvidia’s upcoming GeForce 40 Super series, a look at pricing for current generation GPUs, and what sort of deals you should be looking out for during Black Friday. Plus, a few interesting observations about the used graphics card market. There … Đọc tiếp

How to Block Incoming and Outgoing Network Connections Using the Windows Firewall

In today’s world of permanent Internet connectivity, whether through Wi-Fi or Ethernet, a firewall is an essential component of your device’s security. This software – or in some cases, a separate physical device – monitors all incoming and outgoing network traffic to and from your computer, including any program attempting to access the Internet. Microsoft … Đọc tiếp

Intel Core CPU Clock-for-Clock Benchmark Test

Today, we’re taking a more in-depth look at a clock-for-clock (IPC) test of Intel LGA 1700 processors. This means we’re comparing the 12th-gen, 13th-gen, and the “new” 14th-gen CPU models we recently reviewed. Our aim is to offer insight into the architectural improvements – or the lack thereof – that Intel has introduced with each … Đọc tiếp

The Complete List of Alternatives to All Google Products

With growing concerns about online privacy and the security of personal data, more people than ever are considering alternatives to Google products. After all, Google’s business model is fundamentally centered on data collection and advertising, both of which compromise user privacy. More data allows for better (more targeted) ads, which in turn, translates to more … Đọc tiếp

Are GPU Prices Going Up Now? October GPU Pricing Update

Welcome back to our monthly GPU pricing update. There’s bits of news to go through, a few odd GPU launches from AMD and some unfortunate price hikes to discuss. It’s not all bad, there’s been some positive price adjustments for some products, too. Let’s kick off this update with a discussion on AMD’s new Radeon … Đọc tiếp

AMD FSR 3 Frame Generation Analyzed

AMD’s FSR 3 technology made a surprise debut earlier this month in two games: Forspoken and Immortals of Aveum, and we’re ready to give you an early look of the technology. There’s a lot to cover in this article including a discussion about frame pacing, image quality and latency. FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR 3, … Đọc tiếp